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Be the change you want to see!   My name is Paul R. Wood, MBA, and I’m running the campaign for Change in Concord City Council 2020 in District Two. Now is the time to strengthen our community and ensure all voices are heard. It’s time to make positive changes to ensure a bright future for you and your family. As City council member, I’ll listen to your needs and promote home ownership, safety, vibrant schools, and a clean community. My spouse and I own a home in the community and have three dogs. We love our neighbors and are working to build a community that supports one another while reopening our parks, dog parks, and public spaces for safe use. It’s important to me that our seniors have a safe and beautiful community center to nurture their wellness. It’s important to me that our community is diverse and that all minorities feel welcome and inclusive. I will also work to lessen homelessness and keep our streets, sidewalks, and BART trails clean. We must work with our local Police to continue to build trust while supporting local events that celebrate our diversity and invest in Todos Santos Plaza and our downtown small businesses. I’ll promote buying locally and encourage Music events, Festivals, and Farmer’s markets to bring our community together. I’m for helping our community members find a path to citizenship and helping schools reopen in safe ways that include online learning.
Let’s create jobs, a clean future, and diversity together!
About Me

About the campaign

Here are some of the things I stand for:

Green Decisions (including clean up and development of Naval Weapons Base land into usable space)
Bringing retail stores downtown near Todos Santos Plaza 

Building a college campus and commerce near the North Concord BART
Tax breaks for industry to move into Concord
Creating a good mix of luxury and affordable housing to end homelessness
Supporting Small and Large businesses

Improving our Public schools
Creating Jobs for Concord residents

Diversity training for Police Officers
Supporting Teachers
Supporting Diversity
Helping Immigrants find Paths to citizenship

Building more senior centers to keep our seniors active and engaged physically, mentally, emotionally
About the campaign

Your questions answered....

1. What is your position on defunding, refining, and/or changing law enforcement in Concord? I am for providing our Police more diversity training to handle diverse situations with appropriate force. I am pro-body cameras on law enforcement officers to help hold them accountable to their actions. I have family that are Police officers and know that it is a very stressful job. Police officers are in very high intensity situations and have to make very fast decisions. I respect the tough jobs that Police officers do every day and put their lives at risk to protect us. My neighbors are not for defunding the Police, I will represent their voice and keep the Police budget the same at 57% of the city's budget. Overall, Concord Police are responsive and doing well at keeping us safe. 2. What actions would you like the City Council to make pertaining to housing policy and implementing rent control in our community? I am for rent control and affordable housing. Every new housing structure built should help to fund affordable housing solutions to keep our community diverse and people sheltered in permanent housing. I am not a fan of encampments for homeless or moving them out. We need to have shelters and long term housing for those in need. 3. Following the impasse of the City Council and Lennar to proceed with the development of the Concord Naval Weapons Station (CNWS) earlier this year, how should this project proceed in the future? First, City Council needs to comply with the US Navy to clean up the new chemicals found on the site and protect the near extinct wildlife known to be on the property. It is expected this could take two to three more years. I am an environmentalist and animal lover at heart. The solutions decided upon for this land need to promote clean industry, parks, hiking trails, dog parks, solutions for learning, and commerce that are eco-friendly. My neighbors do not want just more subdivisions of housing there. Next, a new Contractor for the project needs to be decided upon quickly and we need to make a deal that the jobs created go to those that live in Concord and provide union-friendly jobs to our citizens. We need to make solutions with the land that keep our children and families safe. This land would be best used to improve our public schools, and community colleges. It can also be used wisely to provide luxury and affordable housing. Also, we can provide tax breaks to clean industries to create many jobs on the land. Creating jobs will inspire more people to live and pay taxes in Concord. Thank you for considering me to be the voice of the citizens in District Two of Concord. The change starts with you, it's time to be the change. Paid for by 2020 Paul Wood for Concord City Council District Two. FPPC#1432381

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